ImagineOne® is built for billing teams that want a single platform for all revenue cycle management operations, starting at pre- or point-of-service through to zero balance, from one solution vendor.

High-volume physician groups, independent practices, and medical billing companies across the country utilize the quantum leap in advanced billing & revenue cycle management technology to serve 40+ medical specialties, including radiology, pathology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and more.
Automated at every turn, ImagineOne® is built with next-level robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to remove the need for bolt-on programs, outsourced services, and in-house labor dependencies. Boasting a fresh design and simple user experience, ImagineOne® requires less support than traditional billing and RCM systems through efficient processing and faster workflow automations.



Decrease the cost of end-to-end revenue cycle operations by up to 75% and free up resources for patient care. ImagineOne® allows you to seamlessly follow the revenue cycle across the lifetime of your claims under one system. Collect cash like a pro from both payers and patients.

What is in One?

Beyond Billing:

We invite you to experience a comprehensive solution enveloping the entire revenue cycle, including autonomous patient engagement, payment, and collection modules, unmatched clearinghouse functionalities, the integration of point-of-care services, and more!

Total Automation:

Our preliminary tests with live data have already shown over 60% of exceptions being autonomously corrected, pushing record automation beyond the 90% threshold — And we’re just getting started!


From pulling reports to support queries, training sessions, and even ticket generation, say goodbye to monotonous, time-intensive tasks — Our chatbot is geared to empower you like never before!

Command at Your Fingertips:

The intuitive One Command Center puts you in the driver's seat. Enjoy effortless navigation, customization, and control with just a flick of a toggle! Experience efficiency, redefined.

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